New Canada Foundation for Innovation-funded Cyberjustice Laboratory Research Infrastructure Launched


The Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec have made a major investment in the research infrastructure of the Cyberjustice Laboratory at the Université de Montréal through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

The funding of the infrastructure upgrade through the CFI's prestigious 2017 Innovation Fund competition has allowed Professor Karim Benyekhlef's team to focus their research on the impact of justice virtualization and the recent use of massive data and artificial intelligence in the field of justice.

With CFI's investment, the Lab's researchers have created a virtual and immersive courtroom, hosted in the cloud, that is available to all Cyber Justice Lab researchers and partners to conduct experiments.

The various issues related to the hosting, processing, and use of this digital data are at the heart of the artificial intelligence revolution for justice. The new equipment funded by the CFI now allows the Cyberjustice Laboratory's national and international researchers and partners from the institutional, professional, industrial, and community sectors to experiment with the collection and algorithmic processing of judicial data to master its multiple effects and unleash its true potential in the service of justice.

The CFI's significant investment in the research infrastructure of the Cyberjustice Laboratory supports its research activities and international outreach, which attracts top researchers from many disciplines working in the field of justice modernization, legal professionals, students, and private partners from around the world. The use of these cutting-edge technologies contributes to Quebec's and Canada's global leadership in the field of cyberjustice and to the export of artificial intelligence knowledge and technologies.

This content has been updated on 02/21/2023 at 9 h 29 min.