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Sia Partners – Automatisation de l’analyse et du traitement des mises à jour réglementaires avec l’IA

This content is not available in the selected language. Les webinaires de l’industrie Les travaux du Laboratoire de cyberjustice et plus généralement les recherches sur les technologies de l’information dans le domaine de la justice sont centrés sur les implications de l’application de ces technologies aux processus et pratiques judiciaires. Ce cycle de conférences se […] Read more

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Ethical Issues in Cybersecurity: Beyond Privacy and Security

Speaker : Ibo van de Poel, Delft University of Technology This talk addresses the main values, and values conflicts, in relation to cybersecurity by distinguishing four important value clusters that should be considered when deciding on cybersecurity measures: security, privacy, fairness and accountability. Potential value conflicts and value tensions between these values will be considered. […] Read more

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New platform for online resolution of pay equity disputes in workplaces ruled by federal reglementation!

When Canadians receive equal pay for work of equal value, our economy is stronger, families prosper and communities flourish. That is why the Government of Canada introduced and passed proactive pay equity legislation for federally regulated workplaces. The Canadian Pay Equity Commissioner, Ms. Karen Jensen, is working with the Canadian Human Rights Commission to ensure public […] Read more


La pandémie et l’avenir de la liberté: transition accélérée vers le monde numérique ou menace pour les droits humains?

This content is not available in the selected language. Depuis avril 2020, une cinquantaine de chercheurs de l’Université de Montréal et de l’Université McGill, mais aussi de l’UQAM, de Concordia et de HEC Montréal, réfléchissent ensemble à des idées progressistes, pragmatiques et fondées sur les sciences sociales qui pourraient améliorer la coopération internationale, la sécurité […] Read more

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Participant experience of virtual courts: findings from the UK video hearings project

Speaker Meredith Rossner, Professor of Criminology, Australian National University Description A large number of court participants have engaged with various forms of virtual justice during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is likely to be a permanent shift in how justice operates. In what ways can this format limit or enhance user’s experience of their hearing? This […] Read more

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Legal Tech & Access to Justice: Thoughts from the Estate Planning Context

Speaker Emily Taylor Poppe, University of California Description: Civil legal issues are incredibly prevalent in everyday life and can have devastating consequences. Yet few individuals obtain the assistance of a lawyer in addressing these issues. Legal technology is seen by many as holding great promise for enhancing individuals’ ability to address their own legal needs, […] Read more


ACT Workshop | Evaluating Outcomes and Impact of Legal Decision Support Online Tools

Introduction Legal decision support online tools have emerged as popular tools to help citizens learn about their rights. These tools have the potential to make access to the law more effective and to increase access to justice in our societies by providing information that can be used to seek an amicable resolution to a dispute […] Read more