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Webinar : Jami, un outil de communication au service de la vie privée

Webinar in french only. The boom in teleworking in the context of a pandemic has shed light on the controversial and more or less controlled use of communications and personal data through the many tools at your disposal. In this webinar, we will present JAMI, an innovative Quebec-based communication application that places confidentiality and privacy […] Read more

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Artificial Intelligence and Humanity: Annihilation or Integration? presented at McGill University

  Two weeks ago, Hannes Westermann from the Cyberjustice Laboratory was invited to present at the event “Artificial Intelligence and Humanity: Annihilation or Integration?” as part of the A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series and the Food for Thought Public Lecture Series. He talked about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on humanity and the […] Read more

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Alban Dumas: Portrait d’un cyberjusticier

This content is not available in the selected language. Pour vous faire mieux comprendre le fonctionnement du Laboratoire de cyberjustice, les employés vont présenter leur parcours, projets et l’intérêt de leur travail à l’occasion d’une série de vidéos explicatives! C’est Alban Dumas, lead développeur, qui débute :       Read more